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25 June - 25 July
Solo exhibition
Tues-Fri - 10am-5pm | Sat - 9am-5pm | Sun - opening hours may vary
Free admission
Knuckles & Notch Studio
261 Waterloo St, #02-25, Singapore 180261

29 May 2022
Interview with Madeline Bazil from Where The Leaves Fall Magazine

7 May 2022
"How the climate crisis is tipping the balance to threaten Cambodia’s fishing communities" - The Independent

5 May 2022
Once Beating Heart in a 4-page spread published in Courrier International

28 April 2022
Mini-documentary about Once Beating Heart published by 1854 & WaterAid

24 April 2022
Once Beating Heart published in FT Weekend Magazine

22 April 2022
Once Beating Heart published in the British Journal of Photography 

January 2022
Showing a series of prints from my upcoming project "Once Beating Heart"

13 January - 20 March 2022
Look Climate Lab 2022
Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK

July 2021

In Libération

As part of Libération's summer series of photography, The Blindness Of The Sea was published in 20th July's daily paper. (LINK)

June 2021

Interview on Its Nice That

A little interview with Daniel Milroy Maher about The Blindness Of The Sea on Its Nice That. (LINK)

BJP/1854 & WaterAid Commission Awardee

Thankful to be awarded the BJP/1854 & Wateraid commission to begin a new project in Cambodia, and continue my exploration with the human relationship with water.

Snippets from the article & interview with Alice Finney: READ HERE

“In this project, I hope to channel the lake’s story, its structures, people, wildlife, and its underlying humanity, to tell a broader story about water, its ironies, and its importance.”

15-19 Mar 2021

Group show: Fluid Spaces 

a view from my window: Everything changes when we change. Showing a small piece of how I've been "working from home" and the struggles of seeing visually at Fluid Spaces by The Starving Artists running till Friday at Gillman Barracks. Having spent almost 3/4 of 2019 traveling, visual stimulation came easy. 2020 happened and as I spent an uncomfortable amount of time at home, I began to go thru my old cabinets. I found an old monoscope I had bought when I was really young in New Zealand(?). Truthfully, I pretty much made little to no new work last year because I was struggling to see Singapore photographically. But everything changed one day when the tree landscapers came for the trees outside my bedroom window. That's when I noticed a branch that proudly jutted out from the foliage. This branch was where birds of different sizes, species congregated. They coexisted. So I began looking, slow looking mostly, at how this branch provided a vantage for these birds despite their ability to fly. It took a small change from the lookout of my window to allow me to see, and to look intently. To look with intention is freedom in some way. Looking back, everything did change from that day.

Feb 2021

British Journal of Photography, Picture This: Genesis

Reflecting on the theme of Genesis, I was invited by the BJP to write my thoughts along with a photograph of mine titled The Forest As Refuge.

Jan 2021

British Journal Of Photography: Decades Of Change

Exciting news! My ongoing personal project The Blindness Of The Sea, can be found in The British Journal Of Photography's brand new and redesigned magazine.


Nov 2020

The Blindness Of The Sea in The Straits Times

20 Nov 2020 - 30 Jan 2021

The Blindness Of The Sea - Showing at 7th Singapore International Photography Festival

Happy to announce that The Blindness Of The Sea will be showing at this year's SIPF. This is the first exhibition of the project,  and it is a public installation at Newton Train Station.